Review of ‘Lost & Forgotten’ by James Paddock

Separated at an early age by tragedy, identical twins Melissa and Marissa live different lives. Until Marissa is kidnapped by a bunch of thugs and loses her memory as a result of it. They do reunite months after, brought back together by yet another tragedy which finds them both in unfamiliar territory on a number of levels.

The premise and story itself are well written. The characters are authentic, save a few brow-raising moments, and I did feel a certain emotional charge in the last third of the story. All good things.

However, this book was entirely too long. It felt…redundant. Overdone. Who gets kidnapped that many times? Seriously? And the bad guy is a stereotypical young, urban black male living in Los Angeles who seeks revenge. I say “stereotypical” because he’s fueled by thoughts of revenge resulting from tragedy #2.

So, if you’re interested in mind-reading twins getting kidnapped repeatedly and can sit through the gang slang and lifestyle of a thug, look it up on Amazon. My “stars” count sits at 3. Had it not been so long and over-the-top at moments, it would have gotten 4.

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