What’s Wrong With People?

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Either my tolerance for stupid people has dropped significantly, or I’m seeing clearer than ever. Or, maybe, people just aren’t aware of themselves.

This sense of entitlement, disregard for others, lack of respect and poor judgement eliminating throughout the human species is baffling. As a child I remember being punished for behaviors which are seemingly encouraged today.

The public thrives on tragedy, the lives of celebs and apparent need to belittle and undermine the human spirit. When did it become okay to shame someone for any and all reason? It’s like enlightenment never happened.

As a species, we’ve become so caught up in ourselves that we don’t see the pain of others unless it’s offends our delicate sensibilities. And, boy, are they ever delicate! It wasn’t so long ago that people were desensitized to the suffering of others. Now, it’s as if a switched has been flipped and the smallest things are flung under the microscope. (Example: the woman arrested for swearing in front of her child.)

Are we, as an intelligent group, so dissatisfied with our own lives that we need to invite the drama of others just to make ourselves feel good? It’s like living in a small town where everyone knows your business. Been there, done that. And that grapevine is massive.

People need peace and some semblance of security to behave positively and effectively. When the world is in chaos, individuals are in chaos.

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2 Responses to What’s Wrong With People?

  1. Dr. R says:

    Blame the media, the need to find the smallest drama and turn it into a major story just to make money makes it harder than ever for famous people to protect their privacy. As for everyone else, it’s just a case of everyone needing to mind their own businesses, nowadays, gossiping seems to be encouraged, not frowned upon.

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