Off Schedule and Falling Behind

Sooo…Happy September!

I didn’t get much done in August, and that’s okay. All it means is I’ll need to double my efforts this month. Just gotta finds my oomphs. Let’s see…what else…

Aside from the 3 daily readings, I’m about a 3rd through James Paddock’s Lost & Forgotten. So far, it’s pretty good. But there is a lot of unnecessary content, and it could probably be about half as long as it is. Will review when finished. I’m also vowing to read more fiction, so hopefully reviews will become a regular thing, again.

My organization has waned, too. I’ve been under the weather this last week (which is why there was no post yesterday – I forgot) and everything has suffered. Hence the previously mentioned missing oomphs. I think I’m starting to feel better? You know how it is, though. Start to feel better and do stuff, and then, boom, back in bed with cooties. Positive side is I’ve cut down on the soda consumption (something I’ve been working on for awhile) and drinking more water. Really need to keep a food journal, again. And we’ve circled back to organization.

And back to writing….I’ve fallen behind on WC goals. Daily counts need to be modified, what with football season here (Go Lions!) and adventure weekends. *Calls out for oomphs* Weekday writing, it is!

What good books are people reading, and what are your plans for the month?



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