Review: Dawn: Lucifer’s Halo

As promised awhile ago, I read a graphic novel – Dawn: Lucifer’s Halo by Joseph Michael Linsner. Published 1997 by Sirius Entertainment, Inc.

Okay, so. This is my first attempt at reviewing a GN, and, if I blow it, I’m sorry. Here goes…

Uh, the art is really good. And it reads pretty fast. It’s about angels and demons, and this guy getting Lucifer’s halo as a present from a girl. The way it was explained to me is, the girl is Dawn (Goddess of Rebirth) and the guy is an incarnation of Cernunnos (the Horned God). They have this epic love story spanning thousands of years, but the catch is he doesn’t remember any of it – ever – even though she does. Naturally, she tricks him, and he loses pretty much everything and kills a lot of angels and demons. Oh, and it ends with him sitting on the back of a ship crying.

That’s kinda it.

For my first GN it wasn’t too bad. I’d read more similar to this one, I think.

~ ~ ~

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

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