Re-evaluation of Goals…Again…

So. It seems I do this every couple of months, doesn’t it? I’m in such amazement right now its almost impossible for me to sit and focus on my writing. Good thing? Bad thing?

I say good thing!

We all need a breather once in awhile. Mine just happens to be taking longer than usual.

One of the things I’m re-evaluating is the days I blog. While I like the Sun-Wed-Fri schedule, we’re heading into football season (Go Lions!). Plus, Mike has weekends off and we like to go adventuring. From here on out, the schedule will be Mon-Wed-Fri and posts will come out around 7 or 8 pm CST. Hopefully that’s not too much of a pain in the ass for you guys. Also, Picture Day, after this week, will be the first Monday of the month. Just makes it easier to for me to remember where we went when and stuff.

Part of this re-eval is gear me up for work mode. I need to find a job, and if I do all the blogging during the week it will help get me there. What I want to see is all writing activities taking place during the week in the daytime. That will leave weekends and evenings free to do personal stuff. Unless of course I get a job with weird ass hours… This is best case scenario. I need to get focused and back on track.

Something else that has happened is I’ve been able to dedicate more energy into path work and the journey I’m on. It has been an incredible experience, one I’m certainly grateful for and intend to continue. The beauty of it is I’m able to do this without fear or anxiety, and as a result I feel more connected. It helps there are about a zillion trees and animals right outside my door. (Thank you for bringing me to such an amazing place 🙂 )

Next up: August Picture Day

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