The Positives of Outlining

I love Writer’s Digest; it’s not a secret.

We’re all well aware of the Great Outline/Don’t Outline Debate, right? In this guest column article on Writer’s Digest, (with input from K.M. Weiland) 7 Steps to Creating a Flexible Outline for Any Story, everything from character interviews to putting the outline in play is addressed. It’s a really good article. Check it out.

Here’s a dilema, though. Brian Klems, the online editor for WD, only used “guest column” for the author tag but credits Weiland for the article – sort of. So, honestly, I wasn’t quite sure how to credit it here other than just giving the link and dropping names.

By the way, Weiland rocks pretty hard. You can find more cool stuff she’s written here.

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