Settling In :)

It’s been quite a couple of weeks! We got here a week ago today and managed to unpack in (according to me) record time. This apartment is smaller than the one in NM, but its more laid back and..comfortable. Like the fuzzy pjs I’ll probably never need, again.

That may have something to do with a abundance of nature – trees, flowers, plants in general and wildlife. The smaller pond on the property is host to ducks and turtles, and we saw a cat the other night (not in the water, though). One of the best aspects is the people who live here are encouraged to decorate their outside spaces. Each apartment has a small patio – we’ve got the patio set and a small plant so far. The people right above us have a handful of potted flowering plants. And, there’s more than one apartment which are surrounded by potted or direct planted things. Nature is awesome! ^.^

Last Friday, he had to do some QC work down near the Gulf and I had the opportunity to tag along. I’m beyond thankful that I did! I got to see the Gulf of Mexico close up and even touched it with my foot! Many neat plantation homes, moss-laden oaks and a few egrets were seen, as well…and there’s this huge ass grasshopper/locus thing. Uh, those are creepy.

Over all, I believe this place rocks. It feels good, here.


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3 Responses to Settling In :)

  1. Sounds fabulous! The locusts might be large but harmless lol! 🙂

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