Pagan Sunday

How is everyone enjoying the Super Moon’s powers this month?



With the Louisiana move definite, I’ve been drawing on the Moon for productivity energy. There’s much to do in the next week, and one of the things I did yesterday was pack away my altar. Amazingly enough, all of my items, BoS and a few books fit into the small chest. Well, all but the bowl and cylinder-shaped candle holders. It was difficult packing everything away, but those things are dear to me and I didn’t want to chance something being lost or broken in the last minute effort of packing.

I see this move as a wonderful opportunity for learning and continuing my Path. There’s a great energy flowing through Louisiana. Energy I can’t wait to experience. For those scoffing or about to scold me, save the concern. I won’t get into anything I can’t handle, and my protective shell will be fortified. A lot.

The place Mike found for us is close to the heart of the city (super cool) and has lots of trees, grass and 2 ponds – both with fountains. Nature, baby! There are 2 flowering trees right outside the front door, which is an awesome bonus. I’ll be able to sit on the grass and soak in the Earth’s energy, revel in the smell of Life’s cycle and listen to the birds.

All in all, this will be an amazing new adventure.

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