Review of “Colony Five” by SJ McCarthy

This took me all of maybe 4 hours to read, and it was good.

Life on Earth has changed dramatically thanks to global warming and failed government. What else is there to do but create a wormhole, develop it and set it up to search for Earth-like planets to colonize? Throw in a cult leader, separated camps on an alien planet and you’ve got the makings for a very intriguing story.

There’s love, science, death and characters searching for themselves in a new world. It’s got pretty much everything, and the writing was well done. McCarthy describes the alien landscape, as well as the declination of Earth, is tangible detail. Not being a fan of the futuristic sci fi genre, this helped me a lot.

The colonists went through all the phases one might expect upon having established a new life in a new location. They had doubts, suspicions, moments of self-discovery and changes in relationship dynamics. All of it. They also had to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, in terms of science (food growth, heating & cooling, etc). This including fine-tuning the wormhole to create tunnels in the mountains. Science-y people will dig this book. No pun intended, of course.

Like I said, this book has everything a reader could want.

I give it a high recommendation – 5 stars. Here’s the buy link 🙂

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6 Responses to Review of “Colony Five” by SJ McCarthy

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