For the Pagans Among Us

Realizing I have yet to devote a full to post to Pagans and Wiccans, I thought today might be a good day. We’re halfway through the month of June and it seemed appropriate.

June Full Moon

Full Strawberry Moon

There are so many differences between living on an island in the Northeast and living in the desert Southwest. One of them being the gorgeous views of the moon when She is full. Thursday night, we sat on the balcony for over an hour and just chilled. It was warm and quiet, and inspiring. The view of the moon we get here is nothing short of breathtaking.

One ritual is to charge a bowl of water under the Full Moon, and the water can be used throughout the month for cleansing and healing spell work or devotions. (Make sure your daily correspondences, moon phases and “tools” line up, though. I highly recommend Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences for pretty much anything you’ll need to know. Ever.) So, Friday night I charged the water, took a new beginnings bath (kit can be found here) and just relaxed. After a very stressful couple weeks, I needed it.

The Full Moon is a great time to rid yourself of negativity and start fresh. And, if you’re into divination? Double yay! This moon is wonderful for consulting the Gods and Goddesses, so break out the tarot and/or runes, get comfy and ask the big questions. Yes, I know this post comes after the Full Moon, but, the power can be felt for a total of 7 days – three before, the night of, and three after. If you find this after the 3rd day and want to try it out, July is just around the corner. Use the time between now and then to research and gather what few supplies you need/want. Easy peasey.

I debated on whether or not to link helpful articles, and decided there was no harm. So, here are a few to get the Pagan-curious started, or for anyone who is always looking for something to read (FYI: I have no idea how “ping back” works):

How Rare is “Full Moon Friday the 13th”?
by Springwolf Reflections
Something on my mind by Between Ocean and Hills
And to get an idea of how intricate it can be, visit The Living Wiccan. There is a ton of info here, and please remember that each Wiccan or Pagan is different. We don’t all “look” the same.

If you’ve got questions or comments and wish to remain anonymous, feel free to email me: and I’ll keep it confidential. Or, if you’ve got some cool info you’d like to share, link it in the comments.

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