New Month, New Plans

Today is the first Sunday of the month. That means it’s Tech Day!

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Should be, given I forgot how to count or use a calendar (see last post about the WriYe Final Sprint challenge – ugh!).

You’ll see a few changes here, such as all book info is now on a single page. This will make it easier for readers to find them on Amazon, or just see what they’re about. I’ll be keeping the current Sunday/Wednesday posting schedule, with a mid-month post designated as ‘picture day’.

So, how did May shape up writing-wise? Ehhh, not that great. I worked on 3 projects and some completely non-WIP-related stuff, managed to eek out a very rough draft of The Graces, participated in 4/5 (nailed 3) challenges and came up with about a gazillion new project ideas. VC is officially a short story collection, with Adara and Niall’s story being the centerpiece. I’m also working on playlists for everything – Hail, Spotify! Oh, and I didn’t make the month’s WC quota (19779/25796), but it’s not that far off.

As for June…big plans for June. Cravings will be published via KDP, and at a reasonable price. It isn’t a very long collection, but it’s soul-shattering deep. I went to some rather dark places when I wrote the pieces for it. The Graces will get a couple rounds of editing, and VC will (hopefully) see a final rough draft come July 1. I’ll also be looking for holes in Rising and EQ, and making the necessary notes. One of those projects will be the focus of CampNaNo in July. June WC goal is 23k (767 w/d). There are at least 3 WriYe challenges I plan on participating in, and possibly a 4th depending on time, etc. 

If I can touch on the playlists for a min. Some of the songs I’ve chosen so far seem to be pulling double duty as to which project they fit into best. Here’s an example: Glory and Gore from Lorde is great for both Cravings and VC. Clearly, it works well for VC, given the connection of the song to the History channel’s series Vikings (sooo ready for the next season!). There’s so much great music, and some of the laid back tracks I found were on Spotify’s “Coffeehouse” station – great background music for writing, btw. Highly recommend. When I get ready to post links for the books, I’ll include the playlist associated with it. Some of the songs inspired scenes, and the other way around.

It occurred to me that I haven’t read any fiction for awhile. Everything has been research or “academic” in nature. I think it’s time to get back to fiction. There are several books on my Kindle that look really good, so I may start tackling those. And not reading fiction may be contributing to my lack of creativity, lately. Anyone else see a correlation with this in their own writing? I also haven’t written any reviews for quite some time, and I miss that part. It helps me finalize my own work, I think. Once I have a clearer idea of how WIPS, reviews, updates and pic days flow together I’ll make a posting schedule and post it somewhere in here. That way you know what you want to read and when its coming.

As always, thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to leave comments or questions. Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂

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