An Update, of sorts

When was the last productive writing day I had? Well, that would be May 16. I did write on the 20th, but it was under the daily goal. Why is this so important?

Because there are only 4 more writing days this month and I’m about 10k in the hole.

I was sick last week, spent the weekend recouping and hanging out (as well as paying homage to those who gave their lives for our freedom/protecting foreign nations at the insistence of our “government”) and then there’s playing catch-up with household stuff – including putting together the new dining room set. Yesterday morning I could have been productive, but Netflix decided to release Longmire season 2 so…there’s that. And then I did research.

On the WriYe site, today is New Moon Challenge and I’ve signed up for 3600 words. We’ll see how that goes. Part of the NMC is about starting something new – scene, chapter, storyline, etc. With all the projects I have going, it shouldn’t be too difficult to pull it off. The difficult part will be deciding what to work on. But the flip side to all that, is the fact I haven’t written anything productive in almost 2 weeks and have no idea where my characters are. They’ve been very quiet lately.

Tomorrow and Friday are “double-down” days on WriYe, as well. The point to this challenge is to take your daily WC goal (as determined by the yearly WC goal) and either double or triple it for 2 days. This appeals to me for a couple reasons: 1) I need the count boost and 2) I need the count boost. I usually round up to the next hundred to pad it a little. Kinda like building vacation time? Before getting sick, I was on track. Now, not so much.

Here’s where I am on WIPs: Cravings stands at 11 pieces, VC has 1 story near completed and the other 7 started, Hello is just sitting there, need 2 more stories for The Graces and I haven’t touched Rising or EQ in forever. So, that’s 6 WIPs. I’ve got big plans for next month and I’m hoping to carry them out. I’ve had Cravings planned for publication next month since, like, March, so we’ll see. Too many irons in the fire, so to speak.

I guess that’s enough procrastination for today. Time to hunt down my characters and see what they’re up to while the gettings good.

Guess who had a 3h nap before posting this.

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5 Responses to An Update, of sorts

  1. Lol it’s like you just read out my life! Just managed to send out a blog today for the first time in two or three weeks (can’t even remember!). I kid myself that posting short poems makes up for the lack of work on my books! So glad I’m not alone!

    Good luck reaching your targets and avoid the Netflix procrastination bug! 😀

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