Picture Day

Who doesn’t love Picture Day?!

May Full Moon

Last night’s Full Moon

I have an entire room to do whatever I want with, so this is my office. There’s also a TV and DVD player for when I don’t want to listen to music, and when I chose that it’s usually a trilogy or box set like Underworld or The Dresden Files. Only thing missing is a big fluffy chair or beanbag for reading.


My writing area

Y’all know I’m Pagan so here’s a look at my official altar. It’s awesome not having to be discreet with my path work, anymore. No more ‘quickie altars’ for single celebrations that have to be taken down within a short period of time. Anyone with questions about what’s on it, feel free to leave a comment or email me directly ( libby_jessica@yahoo.com ) and I’ll be happy to chat.

Where the "magick" happens - sorry, couldn't resist.

Where the “magick” happens – sorry, couldn’t resist.

I’ll have Picture Day once a month, so you’ll get to see more. Still need to get pics of the grounds – we have fountains and little gazebo things. It’s really cool property.

Thanks for stopping by!

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