Be Gone, Doubting Monster!

You know what I’m talking about. That nagging little voice which peppers you every once in awhile, causing doubt and a round of second-guesses. Yeah, that bastard. I’ve come to believe he’s the originator of Writer’s Block and Creative ADD, and here’s why…

Since I started writing I’ve completed just 2 projects. Depending on who you are that might sound like a lot or a little, given I’ve only been actively writing for maybe 2 years. Yet, the number of WIPs is bordering on double digits. I get part way through the rough draft, sometimes not even that far, and “lose interest”. Then there’s the situation where I find holes in the story and can’t manage to fill them. It’s like a TV with nothing but snowy static – you know what you want to watch, but you can’t get it tuned right.

Here’s a list of the projects I’m working/have worked on: “VC”, “EQ”, “Rising”, “Hello”, “Cravings”, something I’m calling “The Graces”, Sam & Deliah story, something based in the desert, a journey of self-discovery story and another that has an incomplete character map.

Here’s a list of what’s been published: Timing and Obsidian Kept.

Here’s what’s sorta close to being published: “Cravings”.

See what I mean? I know I talked a couple weeks ago about WB and CADD, and the affect they’re having on my writing. Nothing has really changed, and that doubting monster bastard is looking over my shoulder. He gets closer each time I step away from one project to pursue another.

I’d love to blame him for this, but I know it comes down to me and plowing ahead. I made the decision to write, and attempt to make a real go of it; nobody forced me. The other day I was reading through a scene in VC and thought “Wow, this really friggin’ blows. You can’t write for shit”. It’s no wonder so many writers drink. They’re trying to stave off the doubting monster. When I hit it big, I’m gonna hire a guy to hunt his ass down.

On a happier, less self-pitying, note – I’ve decided to add a new dimension here. Starting Wednesday, I’m going to do one picture day a month. Post a couple pics, add some copy. That sort of thing. Give you an inside look to my environment.

Oh, I made a couple of bookmarks yesterday. Last weekend we went to a local store that’s kinda like a small-scale B&N/Borders/B-a-M. I looked at every title in the sections which interested me and noted a few titles. A couple days later, Mike surprised me with another trip and I got a new book – Circle of Isis – Ancient Egyptian Magic for Modern Witches by Ellen Cannon Reed. What’s this got to do with making bookmarks? Well, when I started reading the book, I didn’t have a marker so I used my protection necklace (I know. You can stop staring at me like I committed a felony). So, yesterday, I sat on the floor and made a braided and beaded bookmark. It’s really pretty: purple, green and blue. And it makes cool clicky noises when the beads hit.

Ok, I should probably try to get some writing done today. Who knows what the hell I’ll work on, lol. Take care and to all the Moms out there I wish you a Happy and Loving Mother’s Day!

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