Long Stories – Tedious or No?

Over the weekend I participated in WriYe’s May 5k Weekend challenge. Again, I chose the 2,500 slot and pumped out 2,887 – yay!

During my time at the laptop, though, I noticed something. The short stories I’ve been writing (500-1000 words) on the side aren’t as tedious as writing a full-length novel. I don’t feel as pressured to prolong the inevitable. But these short stories leave wiggle room for expansion into a novelette, or perhaps a collection in the future.

I noticed something else, too. It’s not really a new revelation or anything, but it did make me sit up the other day and go, “Huh, ok”.

Anyone ever get, what I’m calling, CADD – Creative Attention Deficit Disorder? It goes along with something I said before about new ideas popping in and taking over. It’s not about writer’s block, or the inability to create new content. It’s about having short bursts of writing, and the little clumps don’t fit together? That’s kinda what I’m going through with these short stories. They may only be a page long, but they get out and then I can get back to the longer projects. Sometimes they’re influenced by a song, news article, video game or even a commercial. And then other times, they have no source. Those are the ones that make me pause and question my sanity.

Then I think, maybe these weird little bursts are good for me. Not only does it give some breathing room to the longer stories, it gives me some mental down time. I can focus for a few minutes on something that doesn’t require charts, outlines and character maps.

It just is.

So, I guess my questions are: Do you ever feel bogged down by the longer stories you’re creating? Does it seem like the longer stories get to be “too much work”, like you have to push the issue? Is there such a thing as CADD and, if  you have it, how do you handle it?

I’d love to hear back on this.

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4 Responses to Long Stories – Tedious or No?

  1. eclecticalli says:

    CASS seems very real to me! I tend to find that I have a hard time with short stories, so much of my work is longer…but the bursts of unrelated creativity is VERY real for me.

  2. Meg says:

    Oh, yes, the shorter, flash-type writing is like a micro-burst thunderstorm. I prefer reading and writing them, especially in blog form. I find it really hard, truthfully, to read long pieces online. Give me a book.

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