I Finally Decided!

That’s right! I finally made a decision regarding VC’s fate.

I’m going to go with my original way-back-when plan to have it be a piece of the Sabbat Wheel series. Here’s the game plan:

Instead of it being the Sabbat Wheel series, based on the eight Sabbats, the title encompassing them will be Viktic Crossing. I love the title, and it says a lot about the stories in just 2 words. Each story will have a Viking (or a main character of Viking heritage) and a Celt (or main character of Celtic heritage), both of whom will have personal baggage and at least one will have powers/abilities/etc.

I was able to finish Adara and Niall’s story for Camp NaNo, even did a rough once over. [Side note: I found out a couple weeks ago that Skyrim has a character named Adara. I’d never even heard of the game until recently – Adara is mine. The name was picked back in November; I’m not changing it.] I got some other writing done during Camp NaNo, but it wasn’t VC-related. I wrote a couple of pieces for Cravings – “A Different Me” was featured here last Wednesday.

May will be spent finishing the Imbolc piece, writing Ostara and Beltane pieces, and editing Cravings (scheduled for release on June 21, or there abouts). Once June starts I’ll finish up with Rising, nail down EQ and get ready to rock that for July’s Camp NaNo. Hello is still back-burnered until I’m comfortable tackling it, again.

Truth is, I have way too many ideas for stories. Has this happened to you? You’re working on something, going hot and heavy with it, in The Zone, and all of a sudden you have a new idea. You stop, write it down. Then, even while working on the Project-to-End-All-Projects, you can’t think of anything else but that one idea. This has happened to me more times than I can count, just in the last few months. What’s worse is I’m usually at the laptop when it happens. Yes, that’s worse. If I’m at the computer when it happens, I’m more likely to just dive right into the story and start planning it. If I’m in the living room I just grab my phone or Kindle and do a little memo thingie, go back to it some other time. There’s a whole screen page of stickies on my phone with smatterings of story ideas.

If I really wanted to torture myself, I could put them on real stickies and put them on the wall by the calendar over the desk. And, use highlighters to prioritize them. Maybe use those little tab things like they use on legal documents in the movies.

Hello, My name is Jessica…and I have an addiction to office supplies.

Maybe we should start a support group?

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