A Case of the Blahs, and other tidbits

Camp NaNo, in all its awesomeness, is not going well. Let me rephrase that…It’s not going well for me.

I’m finding the characters lack a special sumpin-sumpin, and while that’s my fault for not developing them to the degree they should be developed, I feel part of it is their unwillingness to cooperate.

Now, technically, Camp is what you make it (isn’t everything?) and I’m trying super hard not to include short stories or asides in the word count. I designated VC as my project of the month and I’m going to do my damnedest to hold to that. I don’t want to be deceitful or untruthful when validation time comes. I want the count to be all VC content.

Sadly, I don’t think that will be the case. I’ve got too many ideas floating around, and, let’s face it, Adara and Niall are not allowing me to write their story.

There’s plenty of writing to be done on the other projects, and this (self-imposed forced) dedication to VC is stifling the creativity. Other characters want to be heard. They want to scream from the depths, run wild and cause my brain to dribble out my nose. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so congested lately? It’s not allergies after all…

In other news, I’m seeing a ton of “Pagan v. Christian” posts everywhere, which happens around every major ‘religious holiday’. Having come out of the broom closet, and my knowledge of both ‘parties’, I feel I need to say something. You ready?

Here it is:

I don’t care. I really, very seriously do not care. As individuals, we have the right (in most countries) to decide for ourselves which path we choose. I won’t shove my spirituality down your throat, if you don’t stuff yours in my face. Deal? If at any time you visit this space and you disagree with my views – religious or otherwise – you have the inherent right to close it out or unfollow me and I will be totally okies with it.

Something else not writing-related. I applied for a couple of local office positions with national corporations. That was Tuesday. It’s now Sunday, and I’ve yet to hear back beyond the perfunctory “We got your application and resume. If you’re a good fit, we’ll contact you”. It’s probably because I don’t speak Spanish.

For three years, I was a regional coordinator at a nonprofit. That means I literally ran my own office and all that entails. Phones, emails, scheduling, etc. And I did it for a coverage area of 7 – yes 7 – counties in Maine. They weren’t the conveniently smooshed together ones like in Southern Maine, either. No, no. They were the middle-of-nowhere-drive-five-hours-between-gas-station counties. One of the girls I worked with (who actually did cover 2-3 counties in SoMe) and I used to joke: She covered ¼ the population, and I covered ¼ the landscape.

I can do office work. No problem.

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