Almost Official

All I’ve got left to do is a few “legal” things and I will be an official resident of New Mexico…

The trip went really well, too. We left on the 25th, spent the night in Little Rock, got to Maine the 28th in time for me to pick up The (now) 16 Year Old at school, spent the weekend with her and Lil Dude, headed out on the 31st, spent the 2nd-5th in Little Rock and got back here on Monday. Whew!

The time I/we spent with the kids was awesome 🙂 Friday night we took The Teen, her boyfriend and Lil Dude out to supper. Saturday we did some sight seeing, and since it was almost 50 degrees we hit Roque Bluffs. I did some more packing afterwards. Sunday was rainy and gross, so the 4 of us did a movie day (more packing for me post-movies). Monday we went back to the Island in time for me to snugglechoke the kids before school. The Other Adult helped load my shit, we said our goodbyes and headed out to visit with my mom and a close friend for 2 hours. The general consensus among the kids and my mom is that they approve of and like Mike. This is a good thing.



A wild bunny on the property in LR


Well, I haven’t gotten much actual writing done for a couple weeks. While in LR I did a little bit of editing and that’s about it. Yesterday I worked on Viktic Crossing and will continue that throughout the month. Speaking of April…It’s Camp NaNo! Camp NaNo is like regular November NaNoWriMo except at Camp you can set your own word count goal for the month. I chose 25k towards Viktic Crossing. fingers crossed I can meet this goal.

There are 3 writing challenges this month: NaNoThon (Camp-hosted) on the 12th, Full Moon Madness on the 15th and New Moon Challenge on the 29th. The last 2 are WriYe-hosted. If I can complete even just Camp’s 25k, I’ll be just about on track with the yearly goal I set for myself. We’ll see what happens. Mike’s pretty good about reminding me – “You need to write today, right?” or “How many words do you need?” We may have to institute some sort of reward system before long, though. Too many shiny things to distract me.

Oh, and get this. I missed the quarterly verification for WriYe. It’s not that big a deal. I can either submit now, or when the next deadline rolls around. I’ll probably submit both quarters together on July 2nd to save an email.

Also, we got a new printer today!

On Sunday I’ll post a lil excerpt from Viktic Crossing – hopefully I’ll have the main male character named by then. That’s the only problem I have recently. Naming characters. There are a bunch of websites with thousands of names regardless of nationality, which is great, but half of them I can’t pronounce. And if I can’t pronounce them, I can’t expect my readers to, either. So, dilemma.

As always, if you have a question or a comment please feel free to leave it below or even toss me an email (if you choose email, please put “Blog Question/Comment” in the subject line so I know you’re not spam”).

Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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