Writer’s Block(s) and stuff

Ok, so there are these dice thingies called Writer’s Blocks, right? I. Heart. Them. *squee!*

When I was here in mid-February I got an email from Writer’s Digest offering a neat little deal – buy this book, at a discounted price, and get the dice thingies free ($9.99 value in case you didn’t click the link above). I couldn’t pass it up, given the trouble I was having with ideas for stories and whatnot.

I spent some time with them the other day and ended up sorta planning protagonist/genre/challenge/plot twist scenarios in case I get derailed through the end of April. It could, and likely will, happen.

On another writely note, I now have a desk! It’s this cute little thing from WalMart. You know, spend 5h reading directions and wondering what drugs the fabricators were on when they didn’t label shit right. Really, it only took about 45 mins. So, now, I have an office! M was wondering what I’d do for background noise – I need background noise – and I reminded him about YouTube, Spotify, Pagan Radio, etc. I can make due 😉 Once I’ve got all my nifty writing stuff here, sorted and stuff I’ll post a pic of the new space. Did I mention there’s a window? A real window that opens and has blinds and everything!

And, yes, I’m still way behind in count for the quarter. I’m not sure the exact number, but given how many days I’ve missed I’m sure there’s an accurate number in my head. I’ll get what I get. Unfortunately, Office 365 won’t cooperate and download on the Kindle, so I have to take the laptop in order to validate count and write.

Oh! There won’t be any posts from me until possibly April 6, after today. We’re driving up to Maine this week so I can eat the kids’ faces and such. Whole other story in itself, which I won’t get into today. But I am insanely excited to see them! When I get there Friday afternoon/evening, it will have been 4 weeks since I smooshed their faces and I plan on making every minute count while I’m there. I may eat their feet, too. Depends on if they’re clean or not. You know how kids’ feet can be…blech.

So, my next post will likely be about my visit with them and my first “real” road trip and might include pics.

Until then, take care!

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