Still here

Good news: I’ve written for the last six consecutive days. Bad news: I’m still behind in count for the quarter.

This weekend was WriYe’s 5k Challenge Weekend, and I signed up for the 2500 slot. Ehhh, I made half that. Ish. But that’s ok. I did all the math and adjusted daily goals in hopes of hitting the quarterly amount for validation at the end of the month.

I’ve also reprioritized projects and broken them down into smaller chunks by the week. Basically, the yearlong writing plan has been tossed. That’s ok, too. What I’m hoping for is to have the quarterly mark of 50k (plus a cushion) by April 1 so I can go back to the original daily count of 600. That will be awesome, especially since I’m planning on looking for work once we get back from seeing friends and family the end of this month.

With buildings and businesses going up all over town, I’m confident finding a job won’t be a problem. I do need to pick up a local paper, though, and see what type of jobs are available. Most of my work experience is retail or nonprofit so that should be in my favor, and if I could find a combo of those in a single position I’d be thrilled.

Come April I’ll be in a better mindset to write productively, I think. By then I’ll have fully adjusted to my new surroundings. The new relationship has been a very easy adjustment, especially since we’ve known each other and our respective quirks for a few years, already. I considered writing a short story kinda based on how I got here, but I’ve decided against it. A lot of that info is none of anyone’s business, and I’m sorta sick of the “journey of self-discovery” type stories. Suffice it to say that both of us have had a rough couple years, went through a few things together and in the end have a strong relationship which I think will survive.

The only real problem I’m having with writing is the lack of motivation and inspiration to finish projects in progress. And part of that problem is not having all my tools. Yes, I’ve got the files on the laptop. Yes, I could do the read throughs I need to in order to finish. But I’m like a lot of people who need the hard copy to touch and write on with real pens and pencils. And, I miss my sticky notes and highlighters. It might sound silly to some people, and that’s cool, but dear Goddess I miss my sticky notes!

I do have a desk coming next week – yay! Right now I’m working off the coffee table in the living room (not complaining) but it will be nice to have a separate space to write in. And then, when we get back from Maine, I’ll have aaaaall my writing things and *squee*!

Oh! The day before I flew out, I mailed a package with some of my Wicca and homeopathic stuff. That’s been nice to have on hand, let me tell you. I can add oils to the shower and baths (the tub is pretty awesome), and I can work with my Tree Oracle cards and rune stones. *More squee* The best part of all that is he accepts those parts of me. I don’t have to hide it for fear of being made to feel like I’m doing something wrong, which is kinda what I’ve felt the last couple years having lived in a highly Christian family. The dirty looks from The Other Adult when I had a Wiccan book in my hand or didn’t put the stones away before he saw them. Here I just leave that stuff out. Mike was aware of all this a long time ago.

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