Kitchen Sink, and stuff

I’m just gonna jump right in.

I falled off the writing wagon for a few days. The last day I actually wrote was the 4th, not counting the tiny poem I posted on Wednesday.


Ok, here’s where I stand with “L&L”: I have a nearly-complete manuscript with 19.5k – 20k words. All that’s left is a couple tweaks like filling out the villain’s monologue at the end (gotta have that), adding some backstory, working the cover and making sure all the important stuff’s in place. I drew something really simple for a cover, but I don’t know. I’m not the best artist, and it’s just a silver moon behind 2 black mountains on a white background. The only real issue preventing me of using that is my all-in-one machine is being a total whore and won’t scan properly. Blah…

“Rising” is almost done. I think. There are some holes and random scenes that don’t quite fit but would if I connected a few dots. I don’t want to give away too much too soon, though. Plus, there are questions which need asking to propel the story. Word count is somewhere around 22k. Probably sell for 99 cents.

The Imbolc story has stalled. I’m just not feeling it, and already have it in my head that the other Sabbat stories won’t work, either. Some I already have ideas for, such as Beltaine and Yule. The others? Eh, not so much.

“Viktic Crossing” (Untitled-Yet-Titled) will be a standalone, I decided. That still needs a ton of work and will be the primary focus for NaNoEdMo next month. Goal is 20-25k words and publication will happen sometime in April. Also, likely sell for 99 cents.

What else…Oh! Ostara. Yeah, I haven’t even started on that, yet. That was going to be my main writing project this month.

The Sabbat Wheel series may take longer and be written in a different order than planned unless inspiration hits me over the head with a tree branch. The lore and information surrounding the Sabbats is great; that isn’t the problem. The problem may be that I feel I won’t be able to do it all justice. There’s so much that goes into the rituals, and those would take away from the main plots. I may dislike romantic fiction, but it’s what I understand to a degree. And because of that, I know it would suffer. So, I’m not really sure how to proceed, here. IF I am able to complete the series, it will go up for maybe $3.99. That’s (roughly) 50 cents per story at 8 stories around 10k each. Considering what some authors charge, I think it’s beyond fair pricing.

Which leads me into something I’ve been thinking about: What exactly is considered fair pricing? Quality? Quantity? Established authorhood? I’ve seen ebooks 15-20 pages in length sell for $3.99. Um, no. It will take all of 10 minutes of my time and if the story sucks I’m gonna be pissed. Sometimes those stories are part of a larger story, and you’re a) left with a cliffhanger and b) expected to spend another $3.99 on the next “installment”. Again, no. If I’ve ruffled feathers or rattled chains and one of my readers is an author using this practice, all I can ask is “Really?” I’m extremely new to this game, but 4 bucks for a 10 minute read is insulting. I knew that even before I started writing.

Timing is approximately 50k words and Kindle lists it as roughly 203 pages. It’s priced at $1.99. What factors did I use when I set it at that price? 1. It’s my first work and I know the quality isn’t all that awesome. Story is good but it was my learning piece. 2. It’s only 50k words and 203 pages. 3. If I’m not willing to overpay for an ebook, I certainly don’t expect that of my potential readers. When I look at an ebook, I take into consideration a few things: length, author visibility and experience, and reviews (number and how many stars). I’ll be honest, here. Timing has 1 review and it is 5 stars. The reviewer? An established author whose work I’ve read and enjoy. That says something. Thank you, Michael Edward!

Another thing is I really need to spend a day with Office and figure out all it does. Kinda difficult to utilize it properly if I don’t know about all the bells and whistles, right? I’ve got Office 2013 running on Windows 8.1, and even though I’ve had it for almost a year I’m still learning.

Writing rant over.

In other news, my time will be more open for a couple weeks. Basketball season for Lil Dude ended Friday night and The Teen’s team(s) didn’t make playoffs (Don’t let it get you down, guys! You played hard!). We have 2 weeks, I think, before the lower grades start. Lil Dude is in 6th, so he’ll be playing and it should be his last peewee season. One week of school, vacation week then basketball. Maaaaybe softball?

Also, I’m expecting a friend from out of town soon! ^.^ *SQUEE* ^.^ My plan, as of right now, is to wait until he gets here before I publish “L&L”. He was there “with” me when Timing went live (in fact, he got the link before anyone else), and I want him to see the process. This guy has been a huge source of encouragement and support, so it’s only fitting that he experience it firsthand. I can NOT wait for him to get here! Which, hopefully, is soon.

I guess that’s it for today. If I think of something else, I’ll add it to Wednesday’s post. Might have a definitive “L&L” launch date! Gasp!

Thank for stopping by!

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