Imbolc Blessings

Here is my very small, yet fully-intented altar for Imbolc. There are so many variations of it out there based on items individuals have in their goodie chests. I’m still building mine, so this is my interpretation of it. Make sure to practice safe burning of candles and incense.

imbolc altar

First, the main colors of Imbolc and Brigid are white, red and green. They represent the end of Yule and leaving behind of winter, and ushering in of spring. I’ve placed 2 stones in the bowl – onyx and amethyst – which represent Imbolc. There is a small metal angel statue there, which ties to the Celtic Goddess Brigid’s association with metalworking. Were my goodie chest more bountiful, I’d have included a turquoise cow or sheep. Turquoise is another stone associated with Imbolc. It’s green and helps signify the coming spring. One of the beautiful things about this path and its rituals, is the combinations of things to increase the intent. For example, I needed an altar cloth. Since the only one I have is green, it pulled double duty and led the way for the white bowl and candle. The incense is the only kind I have. It’s a woody/musky blend that has sandalwood, cinnamon, patchouli, benzoin and “spices” according to the label.  Basically, it smells like boys. (Autumn Leaves “Kyo-nishiki” and may be found at your local metaphysical shop or by visiting Shoyeido’s website.) Also, there’s a cool article on Huffington Post about the Sabbat. There’s pictures, too, if you’re interested.

Story Update

I promised you an excerpt of the Imbolc story I’m working on, didn’t I? I hate to say it isn’t ready for public consumption, yet. *sad face* There are way too many plot holes, scenes to finish. Plus, the handfasting scene at the end still needs to be written. It was one of those stories that took me in many different directions based on what the characters wanted to do. Some of the scenes aren’t even admissible because they don’t quite fit. This coming week will be tying up loose ends, so I’m giving myself one more week to put it all together. There’s also the matter of names. Girl names are fairly easy, but guy names are hard if I want to make it authentic 10th century Scotland. Or at least as close as possible.

I will give you basic premise, though. Dyslia and Kijoto (literally the only name that sprang to mind) are our leads. She’s slated to become a priestess and join the clan’s elders. He is the clan warrior-in-training who falls madly in love with her. When the Goddess Brigid embodies Dyslia at a full moon ritual and names Kijoto her betrothed, the shit hits the fan; her dad, also a clan leader, is not impressed. I so want to give them a happily ever after but I dunno…we’ll have to see what happens.

Side note: I’ve been working a little bit on the Hello book. I’ve got almost a dozen stories so far, and am working on fictionalizing my own experiences. You’ll likely have an excerpt of that on Wednesday.

Light and love and new beginnings, everyone.

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