100th Post!

Yay! Happy 100th post to me! 14 months after starting this blog, I have 74 followers – to me that’s fantastic. Love. It.

Just about everyday I hop on here to see how many people have paid a visit. Sunday, about 5 hours after posting, I saw 3 people had been over for a total of 7 views. I was happy with that. Then I happened to glance around the stats page to find that not only did they come over, but they clicked on stuff and someone searched for my book using a search engine! I’ll admit, I squeed a little. Ok, I squeed a lot. This is my emoticon squee face: ^.^

With a mere 60 hours left in the month, I’m close to finishing “Rising”, the Imbolc story and edits of “L&L”. Whatever is left will take priority next month., before I start the Ostara story and finalize “L&L” for publication in March. The writing schedule I set for myself is quite aggressive, I admit, but it helps me stay on track (mostly). There have only been a couple days when writing didn’t/couldn’t happen. And those were some rough days.

Writing isn’t just something people “do”; writing is something people feel. It’s a whole bunch of feelings and one of the best therapeutic tools everyone has at their fingertips. I’ve learned more about myself in the last year and a half simply through writing, than I had in most of my years. That says something, I think. I can use my characters to play out my emotions and things happening in my life at the moment. Oh, its very fictionalized, but the sentiment is there. Were it not for writing, and a few key people, I’d likely have been locked away or at least heavily medicated by now. No, seriously.

And through the act of blogging and making myself accountable publicly, I’ve made some really cool connections. When I first started this blog, I didn’t plan on going balls out with twice-a-week posts and get so deeply involved in the networking aspect of this space, or Twitter, but it’s been so very beneficial. I’ve communicated with some awesome and talented human beings, and I’m the better for it.

As I stated in my last post, Sunday is Imbolc, the celebration of light and Brigit’s Day. I’ll have a pic of my altar, an explanation of each item and a short excerpt of the Imbolc story. In one of the books I’m reading (will post info Sunday), I found a great offering “shortcut” and that will be included.

So, what will the next 100 posts look like? Well, a lot like it has for the last month or so. I’ll be updating my progress and will (on occasion) share exerpts. There is some page work to do, such as creating pages for each of the stories – except the Sabbat Wheel series. That will have its own page with excerpts. Luckily I have a tech day coming up and can make that happen provided WP tools cooperate and do what I want them to. Even now I’m learning the various features of this place; sometimes it’s super frustrating.

Here’s an example: I had somehow turned a post into a page last year. I wasn’t able to change it over to “just a post” without copying the entry and re-posting before deleting the page itself. There should be a boo-boo fixer for those things. And once I did that, it took a couple weeks for the change to occur. The post was there, and so was the page. I’m sure if I bought the blog from WP I’d have tons more options, but I’m not in a position to do that at the moment and won’t bitch too much.

On that note, I’ve got a sick Teen upstairs and my daily word count to get in before all hell breaks loose this afternoon.

Have a great day, everyone 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

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