Where did January go?

We’re less than a week away from greeting February. What the hell happened – last week was Thanksgiving!

Writing is been going well, mostly. I added “L&L” edits to January simply because it will get finalized next month. Meanwhile, “L&L” could actually go into the Sabbat Wheel series as long as particular sacred days were noted and observed. Damn story is around 22k words long; it could be the centerpiece. But then I would have one less standalone to put out there. So, slight dilemma. Also, considering a title change. Those are always fun.

The Imbolc story is not cooperating, but it will come – so long as it does by midnight the 31st. I think the problem with this story is the sheer amount of information regarding the Day Itself. If I put too much lore and info in, it will take away from the main characters and their…troubles. And if I don’t put enough in, those (unfamiliar with Imbolc) who read it won’t really understand the significance of the rituals performed. Introducing dilemma #2. Gotta find the happy medium between fact and fiction, so to speak.

Funny thing. A few nights ago I was watching a movie or something was said about sand and dust, and I remembered I started a story last year – very supernatural kind – but it kinda wasn’t going anywhere. To be honest, I’m not even sure where it is, now. It could be on a flash drive, the pc, yWriter on the pc…I just don’t know. I’ll be looking for it soon, though, because I had a bit of a breakthrough (yaaaay!). Once found, it will be a little bit of an extra project to work on when writing is slow…whenever that will be.

I’m keeping up with the 600 words/day minimum, with few exceptions. The challenges I’ve participated in have yielded extra words so I’m a few days ahead. We really like that. And so far we’re on track with projects.

The Amazon Author Central page is up! Thaaaat was a slight cluster trying to personalize it and add all the info I needed to. I’m not all great when it comes to “selling myself”, so it was a challenge. Sorta felt like I was filling out a resume – which, in a way, I was. With the Amazon Author Central and Independent Writer’s Network pages running, all I have left to do is FB. I mentioned before that everything needs to be changed over. A new email address will be necessary so everything meshes and goes to the same place. It would seem “jmlibby@everywhere” is taken, btw, so creativity is key. Perhaps “jmlibbywriter@everywhere” will work? We’ll see.

In other news, “Rising” is almost complete. I think. There soooo much I could put in and not distract from the main plot. But, since it’s already the 26th and I need to get Imbolc finished, I don’t know. Not enough hours in the day, people.  It’s my fault, and that’s okies. I just need to manage my time a little better to maximize productivity. Work Smarter. Not harder.

Oh, hey. Next Sunday is Imbolc, and I’ve had a couple private emails asking me to post a pic of what my altar looks like for it. So, Sunday’s post will include that along with a bit of info regarding this particular Sabbat. Maybe even give a sneaky peeky of the story 😉

And with that, I’m off. Sunday is crazy time in this house. I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! See you soon!

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