Where do ideas come from?

While working on Untitled-Yet-Titled i.e. the Yule piece, I was reading several books on Wicca and Paganism. One of those books was about the Sabbats – holidays held dear by people on those paths – and realized I should do a series/collection surrounding those beliefs. I’ve essentially come out of the broom closet, so why not.

Untitled-Yet-Titled was initially a standalone piece, and it could be it the word count is kept down, but in the grand scheme of writing it seems more appropriate to create an entire collection. One story per Sabbat, new cast of characters each time and I’m going to try to keep the timeline similar. Maybe down the road I’ll create individual books surrounding each Sabbat, but for now going the collection route is best bet. And, perhaps if I do that – the Sabbat books – I’ll move the timeline up to present day and incorporate the positive and negative aspects of living on such a path.

One of the things I’m most grateful for when writing this very specialized genre is the wealth of information at my fingertips. I’ve collected a nice library and have access to my friend Liz’s, which she’s enjoying as well. We live in such a small community that its difficult for those of us with these beliefs to find another. And when we do? Info sharing galore! Last month I went to her place for a Christmas party. It was more just an excuse to get together and hang out. But when I mentioned a particular book I was reading, she immediately went into share mode and sent me home with 19 books and 2 tarot decks. Not even kidding. So far I’ve read 6 or 7 and returned them, and am reading 2 more along with my own books.

I love to read, in case you didn’t know.

So, ideas. Lately, if you don’t count the Sabbat Wheel series, my ideas have come from something I’ve seen/read/heard or personal experience. Something will happen and it will flip the idea switch, I’ll feel it out for a minute of 2 and if it seems legit I’ll write it down. Too many projects going on right now to get swayed by a shiny new idea.

Side note/thought: There isn’t a planner in the universe that will satisfy my needs. I know I’ve talked extensively about this topic, but this post is perhaps the perfect place to discuss it further. Right now I’m working out of a refillable planner. 2 page per week spread, ok? The pages are roughly 5″x8″ and I write down everything: goals for the day, extra things I’ve done beyond the goals, food diary, appointments/games and word count. Here’s where the idea comes in. I’ve looked through all the templates available through Office 2013 and none meet my needs, or there are aspects of a couple but they’re not interchangeable. I’m going to create my own planner. Then, I may market it. There are a few people close to me who are as anal retentive organized as I am and would be willing to test this out for (and along with) me. Maybe a few in my virtual circle would, as well. Hmm…I’ll have to think about this in more depth.

Today I’m looking for interactive participation. Where do your ideas come from? What works for you? Who has the ability to inspire you creatively? Let me know in the comments.

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