Self-Promotion and Social Media, and stuff

Since my last post I’ve been thinking even more about self-promoting – which social media sites/platforms to use or not, how to improve my author bio (and write it for that matter), how to strengthen connectivity with other authors and gain readers. In other words…

How do I put myself out there without looking desperate and needy?

Yesterday it dawned on me: I need to think like a reader. Where do I look for books and what pulls me in? What sort of promoting turns me off?

First, I love Twitter. Via Twitter I’ve had the opportunity to connect with hundreds of authors (primarily Indie) and the majority offer a free book promo. I was telling someone that I don’t think I’ve actually paid for a (fiction) book in 6 months. Point: I should do this every couple months. Free Promotion is something I can afford.

Second, cover and blurbs. Timing’s cover is seriously plain and just kinda there. I’m mostly okay with this. I took the photo myself and spent the time agonizing over layout and font. No, I really did. My budget for cover art is nonexistent. Blurbs are something else. I can write a couple sentences describing the basic premise, but I suck at the “Forty-something real estate mogul Lara…” stuff. I’d almost be better of paying my BFF in hugs to write those.

Third, the turn offs. I don’t like cluttered covers, nor do I like being spammed by buy links. To me, less is more but in self-pubbing it’s a catch-22. Either I skimp on the pimp and cover or just blast social media every hour with a buy link. Decisions, decisions.

This leads back to where to publicize my book, and essentially myself? And, in turn, how much of myself do I want out there?

By now most of you know I have 2 kids and live on a tiny ass island. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t say much about who I am, does it? I suck at self-promoting to the point I get nervous about how frequently I should tweet a buy link. Daily? Weekly? 3 times per week? What’s the happy medium? And, how often should I post it on my personal FB page before I set up an author page? I’m giving myself a deadline of March 2 to have all my author ducks in a row. Huh, just in time for “The Lady & Her Lord” (working title) to be published. Coincidence?

Tomorrow I’ll be a paid member of The Indie Writer’s Network. It’s fairly inexpensive ($12.99/yr via paypal) and they’ll pimp your book for a full year. All that’s required of me in return is a bit of site URL tweeting. That’s it. I think I can handle that.

There are a couple other sites I need to hit up, but its all a matter of connecting the dots (la la la-la) and making sure it fits right.

So, that’s where I am today.

Oh! And today was Full Moon Madness over on WriYe. I signed up for the 1k block and with all the Mom Running I had to do, I didn’t make it! These small challenges throughout the year with WriYe are a big help. I’m already over where I’m supposed to be in count (even without the Full Moon) so I can afford to take at least 1 day off from writing which will be tomorrow. Then I’ll pick up right where I left off.

What are some of the struggles you’ve had with promoting your work (regardless of product type) and which sites work best for you?

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2 Responses to Self-Promotion and Social Media, and stuff

  1. Andre T says:

    facebook is good for promotion 😀

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