It was good, but…

If the very worst feedback I hear from a reader about Timing is the few instances Eva and Sadie’s names got mixed up, I will be thrilled.

And, so far, that’s the only feedback I’ve gotten other than “It was great! Can’t wait for the next one!” via Brandi on my FB page. As of this morning I’ve sold 13 copies (still very cool!) and not a review has been posted, yet. That’s fine, I don’t mind. There is an author whom I thoroughly enjoy who bought a copy and promised a review for Amazon. I know he’ll follow through. He said so in an email to me, which I’m still squeeing about.

Soon I need to take a flea comb to Timing again and update the copy. I don’t want the misnamed hanging on people’s Kindles or other eReaders feeling all unhappy and jaded.

The first time is a learning experience, right?

I’m still not too keen on slamming FB and Twitter with buy links and stuff. It’s weird. Hell, it’s weird searching myself in the Kindle store! I know I have to pimp the goods to sell them, but still. Seeing “This is my book! Go here and buy it!” is just a bit overwhelming. If I could figure out how to auto-Tweet the link, that would be cool. Then I could spend months crafting the perfect Tweet to grab attention. By the way, if you’re interested in purchasing a copy, the buy link is on the Timing page up there at the top.

I’ve been posting it on Sundays just before football games kick-off to grab the ladies. Somehow, with the exception of maybe 5 pages, I don’t think the men folk would be interested in Timing. Maybe I’m wrong, who knows. And with football season almost over, NASCAR is approaching. And baseball. Huh, it appears I’m targeting the non-sporty women as my main demographic.

OMG just had a thought about the Westminster Dog Show (which i love)…hahahahahaha!

Aww, it’s time for me to head out. My son has his bi-monthly med check appointment today, plus a basketball game. And, there’s dinner to make – homemade chicken noodle soup.

I hope you all have a great day – and stay safe and warm if you’re in a place being plagued by cold, ice and power outages. Make use of any shelters or warming centers in your area. They’re there for a reason…Sending light and love your way!

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