Hello, 2014!


I totally drew this

Happy New Year!

Soooo many exciting things on tap for 2014, omg! The paths I’m walking will be taking bold, new directions. The best part? I finally found my niche.

Of all the months in 2013, December was by far the most productive – Timing got published! As of 12/31 a total of 13 copies have sold – including one to one of my favorite authors *squee*. To some, 13 may sound like very little, but I’m thrilled it sold even that many. And, I’ve a plan in the works to physically put it in the hands of readers on a global scale. If I talk about it, it will jinx and I don’t want jinx. So, when I have definite info you’ll be in the Top 5 to tell.

Last month I signed up for WriYe – Writing Year – to do 200k (16,667 words/month) in 2014. With the projects I have planned, plus the other writings I do, hitting my goal will not be difficult. I spent a great deal of time in the forums, scoping things out and WriYe has mini-challenges outside the “traditional” NaNo ones. There’s the Full and New Moon challenges with goals set low-to-high-yet-attainable, and those are just 2 examples.

Here’s a monthly breakdown for 2014:

January: Finish (finally) the rough draft of “Rising” and work on the Imbolc short story. Roll out Amazon Author Central page. Edit “The Lady & Her Lord” (“L&L”)

February: Work on the Ostara (Spring Equinox) short story. Finalize “L & L” and prep for publishing in early March.

March: NaNoEdMo – National Novel Editing Month. The challenge is to spend 50+ hours of time editing for the month. With “Rising” and the Sabbat Wheel series I have planned, plus a couple other projects, I’ll have more than enough WIPs to edit. Publish “The Lady & Her Lord”. Also, the Yule portion of the Wheel series will be finished this month – its the Untitled-but-Titled piece I’ve been teasing you with for 2 months. Create FB Author page

April: NaNoCamp – self-designed word count challenge month. Work on the Beltaine short story.

May: Work on the Midsummer (Summer Solstice) short story. Finalize “Rising” and prep for publishing in June.

June: Publish “Rising”. Get back to “EQ” and have a full rough draft by the end of the month.

July: Work on the Lammas (Lughnasadh) short story. Round 1 edits on “EQ”

August: Work on Mabon (Autumnal Equinox) short story.

September: Work on Samhain (Halloween) short story. Round 2 edits on “EQ”

October: Finalizing the Sabbat Wheel series with a tentative publishing date of 10/20. Finalize “EQ” and prep for publishing in December.

November: NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. I’ve talked about this so much it doesn’t really need a description, does it? Over the year I’ll come up with a story line for this challenge.

December:  Tentative date for “EQ” is the 17th. Planning for 2015 (I know, I’m crazy)

It will be a very full and hopefully productive year! I had originally planned, or at least mentioned, publishing the Sabbat Wheel series a story at a time then releasing it as a collection. Well, I’ve decided to do the collection; it makes more sense that way. If I maintain a word count per story of 15k-20k, this will be one hefty lil book. I may end up doing a “Light” and “Dark” version – 4 stories per – to keep down production cost because this one(s) WILL be available in physical form.

I’m sure I left something off the plan, and when I think of it I’ll update it in a future post with a link back here.

Jar of awesome

My Jar of Awesome

On a non-literary note, 2013 saw many highs and lows. The lows be damned, I say! Let’s chalk last year up to some fucked up planetary realignment that bordered on the ludicrous and move on. The highlights: I made new friends, deepened a relationship, let go of some resentment and broadened my horizons. 

My intentions for 2014 are big and beautiful. I will continue to grow as a human being and be the best ME I can put forth to the world. If I sound overly optimistic, well, that’s because there’s enough hate and discontent out there. Why should I add to it?

I’ve come across a couple of really cool websites over the year, and thought maybe I could share them with you.

Intent is an affirmation-type website. Members publicly declare positive intentions and other members can support, adopt, comment on and share. The blog section is where I found the Jar of Awesome Idea. I firmly believe we need more positivity in our lives, so why not make a jar to put it in? Through the year if you need a boost of happy, randomly pull out a slip of paper and be reminded of the good in you.

Day Zero Project is something I came across on another blog…I think. If you like to make bucket lists, or lists in general, this site is for you. You can browse locations, activities…it’s damn near endless. There are ready made lists to take on as your own, or customize it based on your preferences and goals.

Without further ado I want to wish everyone an amazing, love-filled and productive 2014! Thank you to all who bettered my life in the last year ❤

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