Reviews and a Preview

This originally appeared here as a PAGE on April 5, 2013 and included writing projects updates. I’ve removed that, and what you see here is the 2 book reviews and a poem I wrote. With the remodel of this blog, I decided to remove its page and put up as a regular post. Please enjoy, and show the authors I reviewed some love – JM

In the last week I’ve read two books: Darkest Hour by Rob Cornell, and Zombies Evolved by Derick Campbell. I’ve also got an update for you regarding my own works.

Darkest Hour was written in true Cornell style. It’s fast-paced and does not disappoint. There are two other books in the Lockman Chronicles which precede this one, so don’t start here. Go back to the beginning. If you don’t, you’ll get lost. We find Craig and his daughter, Jesse, in deep trouble yet again. But, hey. It wouldn’t be a Lockman Chronicles book if they weren’t. Love Cornell’s style and the way he pulls you in before you even realize you’re gone. This book is wall to wall action, with some down moments sprinkled in to collect ourselves – awesome balance. 5 stars hands down.

Campbell’s Zombies Evolved was different. I’ve said before that I give books three chapters before I give up. If I’m not hooked by then, it’s gone. I had difficulty with the first chapter (all backstory). And, it took me chapters two and three before I had a vested interest in any of the characters. Rob, the main guy, is a cop who (in my opinion) slides into triple spy mode a bit too easily. Dana, his Zombie partner, comes across way too smart for the parameters outlined by Campbell regarding the intelligence levels of the zombies. Overall, it was a good storyline; the plot was believable for its genre. But, the first chapter was very academic. I felt it took away from the essence of the story. 3 stars because I did actually like it.


Now, my stuff.

“Epitome of Loss” (from Cravings)

It is done.
I knew this day would come.
The end of it all
with taking my last fall.

No other love
could do what you did.
Inside the doves
our love once hid.

The doves called home
to the heart of the heart of the storm.
Taking its last breath
to feed upon Death.

The epitome of loss
was covered with moss.
That stump is my heart
you shredded apart.

There is nothing inside
for me to abide.
For now I take my leave,
you never could perceive.

The toll our love took
reads like a thriller, with hook.
The time has come for me to go,
and time for you to search and sow.

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