Steppin’ Up My Game

2014 is going to be crazy busy!

I came to this realization Wednesday night after a local business burned down – the one The Other Adult works for. Nobody was injured, thankfully! The entire building was lost, and five jobs along with it. Sure, its a small business but any loss like this is detrimental to the entire community.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with writing. Well, technically I’m the solo earner in the family, now. And, I can’t earn money if I’m not writing and publishing. *By the way, Timing has sold 12 copies!* SO, the relatively slow pace I’d originally scheduled for myself in 2014 will get a big ol’ shot in the ass. In fact, this morning before the kids descend on the house for a nearly 2 week vacation I’ll be revamping things. I was going to wait until next week for this, but time is critical.

In other news, I can’t figure out how to permalink Timing‘s Amazon link on here. I tried the Image Link thingy and it just wasn’t happening. The image won’t show up and the link isn’t clickable. After Christmas I’ll try, again. Let the hub bub of the holidays die down, etc.

Even with the income loss, we’re still heading to Mom’s for Christmas. I think at this point we all need off the Island for a bit. Me, The Other Adult and definitely the kids. Lil Dude will have half a small mountain to play on for a couple hours on Christmas morning if I can tear him away from the tablet he’s getting. The downside: I have to use a “normal” coffeemaker. *Gasp!* The horror!

And, yes. I did totally just give 2 links for Timing 🙂 So far, I’ve gotten good feedback on my FB page, and hopefully people will leave reviews on Amazon.

On that note, its time for more coffee and a date with my planner. Happy Friday everyone!

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