Quiet, the Final Frontier

…or, in my house, The Never Frontier.

Having quiet or the ability to tune everyone out is kinda important for a writer or anyone getting their creative on. Right?

Here I am, in my office and I can hear everything going on in every corner of the house. Cats fighting, Lil Dude and The Other Adult fighting. The Teen is at an away game. I envy her. Like, to the point my skin is turning green.

Since today was planning for 2014 I figured I’d get some good solid foundation down. Wrong, again. I managed to get questions into my dayplanner from The Circle Within by Dianne Sylvan, which will serve 2 purposes: help me on my Path and help me get Creative. The questions are pretty neat, and make the reader think. Because of that, I’ll be using my responses throughout a couple of my WIPS.

As the day goes on I increasingly feel like a nuclear reactor about to hit CRITICAL. At one point, I had to shut myself in the bedroom and meditate. It was quick, but successful. I met and spoke with an elderly woman who was huddled in a cave cooking some sort of meat. Nice basis for an interesting story, perhaps? And, I may just go back and talk with her again later, see what other nuggets of wisdom she has for me. Yeah, I am very metaphysical. Feel free to scoff; you’re allowed.

Back to writing…

I’ve had several ideas today, so it wasn’t all horrific. The Untitled-but-Titled story may become part of an 8-part series. If it does, I already have a plan for publishing: publish individual stories and after a few months pull them and publish as a collection. Boom! Done! I like that plan. Because of my Paganesque pursuits, each story will be about a certain Sabbat and be published close to that particular Sabbat. Unfortunately, U-b-T is about Yule and nowhere near ready to hit the virtual shelves. The good part of that, though, is I can polish the hell out of it and make it sparkly shiny. If I’m actually going to make this happen, my ass needs to hit 5th gear and blow the doors off everything else.

Think I can do it 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you Sunday!

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