Cravings: Devastation


Please enjoy this piece from Cravings, and feel free to leave comments or questions. Thank you for stopping by 🙂


I’m not broken.
Not yet.
But you will be
when I’m done.

Tossing me aside
like a useless toy,
you made it clear
you have won.

The day will come
when you look back
and realize
I was it, the one.

Nobody will fill you
quite like I did.
You’ll see,
and then I’ll be gone.

Eat the dark
like you did so much food,
prepared for you with
the love of a good woman.

Bath in the dark
like a homeless man
after an afternoon
of sleeping in the dirt.

You will never be clean.
The dark will close in,
forever binding you
with it’s special brand of fun.


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