You deserve a break today!

Yes, yes I do. And when I hear that phrase I think about the scene in Eat Pray Love when Julia Roberts and her friends are at the barber shop (my apologizes on video quality).

Today I haven’t touched a bit of writing. The last few days have been pretty balls to the walls so I decided to take the day “off”. Unfortunately, this included an hour-long nap from which I woke an hour ago (it’s now 9pm) which caused me to miss Flint Ryder flashing his smolder at Punzy.

Next week will be busy, though, to make up for today. And tomorrow. Going to take one last spin through Timing just to make sure I didn’t miss anything, agonize over the cover some more and finally upload it (live on Thursday 12/19). Of course, you writers out there know I’m itching to look at it right now. Like, right now.

Instead, I’m going to focus on the foot of snow coming my way for Sunday. That’s right…forecast says 10-18″. Where I am is just north of that fine line so the predictions could change. Maybe. The Teen is all pissed about it – “Damn you, Snow! You ruined my friggin’ weekend!” Heh. It’s just beginning, babe. Lil Dude is excited – “Mom! It’s gonna snow a ton! Wait, I need new gloves. Get me new gloves!” The Other Adult just shook his head and I went shopping to mass-cook enough food tomorrow for the next month. We’re having beef stew and chili, for the curious among you. I rock the chili. It’s the multipurpose meal, really. Standalone, on hot dogs, on pasta, as a feisty sloppy joe, etc. Damn, now I’m hungry.

Hope everyone have a great weekend! I’ll check in on Sunday with an excerpt of something. I still owe some Cravings and you’ll get them. Maybe…just maybe…

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