The Self-Doubt Monster Rears Its Ugly Head

I’m sitting here reading through Timing for what seems like the 14,645th time and wondering if I should even publish it. As I go through, I’m asking myself a few questions:

  • If I saw this book on Amazon, would I buy it?
  • What sort of review would I give it?
  • Am I effectively telling the story?
  • Should I under-price it?
  • Is 51,035 words enough?
  • Is 51,035 words too many?
  • Am I insane?

That last one is causing emphatic nodding from my Inside Voice. “Yes, you’re a nut job for even considering selling this mess.” Thanks, Inside Voice.

I’m a week away from hitting the Big Red Button on this thing, and I’m having major doubts. While as a reader I think the book is decent, the writer side of me is not happy with it at all. What does that even mean? Do I give it more time, let it percolate until after the New Year? Or just go balls out and publish next week, anyway? Ugh!

Now, I have to say, I have an amazing support system with this whole writing thing. They’re all offering positive vibes, wishing me luck and cheering me on. I’m extremely thankful for these people, and they know it. I’ve shown it in so many ways.

The closer I get to publishing, the more likely you’ll see an increase in posts. Not just to bitch about the process or build anticipation, but to help me get some perspective and clarity on the matter. This is my very first attempt and I want it to be a good one. But, I’m also being realistic; there’s a chance it could flop.

And that’s okies. I’ll learn from mistakes and try not to make them in current WIPs and future projects.

Ok, rant over. Gotta crack the whip and get the Monster back in its cave.

Thanks, guys 🙂

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