Getting Creative, or Pushing Limits?

Scrolling through the various social medias I use lately has made me a bit…less interested…in most forms of media. No, that’s not entirely accurate.

I’m pissed at people’s reactions to what they see in the media.

Let me back up. About 10 mins ago (this is actually what prompted this) I was on FB and a “friend” had posted the new Kmart Joe Boxer ad. I watched the ad and read the article attached. I’ve seen more suggestive and risque commercials. For exam, the US Cellular commercials for the Galaxy SIII or the Santa and Mrs. Claus Galaxy Note II. I didn’t see a backlash from US Cellular customers proclaiming they were dumping the company because of it.  Hell, Liquid Plumber ones are worse (and by far my favorite) and nobody is yelling “Bullshit!” at them, either.

I’ve yet to find an offensive commercial. Maybe I’m too open-minded and accepting of pushing limits in the name of creativity. If nothing else, the commercials (and subsequent hissy fits) will just add to sales. Look what happened with 50 Shades of Grey! Once the ultra-conservatives bought, read and started spewing anti-BDSM while secretly coveting their copies, they began tossing fits. All that did was create an international frenzy for the trilogy. Yes, I have read it. Twice.

Not to get really gross, but unless a company is tossing babies into dog fighting rings or setting people on fire…I really don’t care. Push the limits of creativity. You don’t see people pissing on Victoria’s Secret for their lingerie show that’s broadcast LIVE, do you? For crying out loud, the news channels show film of war-torn streets filled with murdered innocents and I rarely hear anything about that. “Oh, but that’s ok. Because it’s ‘news’.” Bull. Shit.

If you don’t like something you see on TV, change the channel. If you don’t like something you see on the Internet (including this post), close it out and find something more your speed like YouTube’s “Cute Kittens” channel. Something.

It’s possible that in the process of desensitizing the world, we’ve actually achieved the opposite. Over-sensitizing the masses. A cat can’t lick itself in public without some passerby crying foul and contacting every local official and government agency within 100 miles.

Here’s my favorite commercial right now and its not even controversial:

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