NaNo, Day 3…and counting

There are still almost 4.5 hours left of NaNoDay3 and I have reached 3441 of the 50k minimum. I will make the daily count and be at 5k by midnight. The weekend, for the most part, did not go as planned.

Yesterday I was going to hit up a couple Write-ins out of town (2h ish away is considered out of town), but didn’t get there. Just wasn’t feeling well. Hindsight being what it is, I totally should’ve gone (You were right.). It would’ve been helpful to get out and be among other writers and their creativity.

Tonight was our first local NaNoGroup meeting. We had 4 new people! Yay! There were 7 of us crammed into the corner booth lol. We ate, got acquainted and shared out project ideas. Next week we’re getting the big dining room and do some actual writing. A few of us have books and articles to share, so those will be tagging along, too.

I’ve got a confession to make, though.

I don’t really like “Rising.” BUT, as I told Cupcake earlier, I will write it. NaNo isn’t for pretty polished writing. No, no. It’s for the holy-shit-that-makes-no-sense writing. Come Nov 30 “Rising” will chill out somewhere, have a drink or 12 and wait a few months for revisions. It’s going to need that vacation from me, trust me.

Is anyone else doubting their project? What are some of the obstacles you’re facing, and how are you conquering them?

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