Samhain and NaNoWriMo


In my house, to everyone but me, Samhain is Halloween. And, as I’ve said before, NaNoWriMo is Crazy Psycho Writing Month. I’m going to break my personal rule of No Scary Movies After Dark…maybe. Come 8:30 I’ll be parked on the couch in fuzzy pjs watching Mama…maybe. That’s is if I don’t chicken out and watch it at 1:30. See, if I watch it early, I’ll have ample time to squeegee my eyes with fluffy kittens before bed. Yeah, I might do that.

So far the day has been spent finalizing Lil Dude’s zombie costume for candy solicitation, prepping for dinner (pot roast if anyone cares), general housecleaning stuff and silently doing Samhain rituals. (The Other Adult had a major Christian upbringing and doesn’t understand – “Why do you light so many candles all the time?” “Why is there a bunch of weird plants hanging from the ceiling?”) I’ve still got to get my office in prime NaNo shape, too. Right now it looks like a Call of Duty testing facility.

After supper, The Teen is taking Lil Dude out for candy. She’s old enough, now, we think, and there’s going to be plenty of family/people around in case something happens. Once they return, I get to divvy the loot equally between them. This is three-fold: I can inspect for sketchy candy, monitor how much they get and there’s more for me…muauuahahhahahahhahha! Hey, Halloween candy is part of my NaNo reward system. Don’t judge.

Then, its meditation time. I’ll channel all the great dead writers for inspiration and call out to the Celtic gods and goddesses of writing and composing.

The weekend is gonna be quite busy. I’m hitting 2 NaNo events on Saturday and hosting one at a local restaurant on Sunday afternoon. Really glad the Lions are on Bye this week, not that many games are nationally televised anyway *stern look to game-carrying networks*…speaking of football: I’m currently at 6-2 in my Fantasy League.

Sunday evening I’ll be back, posting about the write-ins I attended, the people I met and give a total word count for the first 3 days of NaNo – which should be at minimum 5,001. We’ll see!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Samhain and Halloween! See you Sunday 🙂

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