Cravings: Distrubed

A fourth in the Cravings collection. There are four more to come – enjoy.


The flies buzz with a lazy arc in their flight. I thought they’d be drawn to the blood pooling around the feet. Perhaps it is still too warm, the blood and the body. The heart is barely pumping. But, what do I know about a fly’s eating preferences. Perhaps they enjoy a cold, thick syrup from which to slurp.

A breeze springs up, disturbing the flies in their indecision. To land on the toe or thigh, I hear them asking among themselves. They have differing opinions on the best spot to snack. Why do I care? I’m their nourishment. Somehow knowing they will wait until I’ve passed makes the knowledge easier. I really don’t want to be eaten while the blood pumps through me. Or, out of me.

For a moment I am clear. I can feel the cold of the dark alley, the pavement beneath my head. There’s a scratching noise, and a squeak. A mouse has decided to join the flies. Damn me, for thinking this was the safest place to end it. Curse me, for believing it would all end so quickly.

Is that a siren? I will myself to pass before they come. This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. Someone must’ve found me unconscious and called the paramedics. Footsteps sound and there’s a bright light. I don’t want the light. Only the cold darkness will make it all better. No, don’t bandage me, I try to yell but my lips will not work. I try to push them away, but I’m so weak. Just let me go. My thoughts reach out to them, but they don’t hear me. I scream inside, begging to be left alone. Just leave me alone. You’ve no business here.

The flies swarm angrily, I can feel them. They’ve been interrupted. The mouse has disappeared. No dinner for him, either. A hungry lot has been disappointed this night. I understand. I was interrupted, as well.

Damn the healers and soul-savers.

Damn them all.

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