Not enough days in October

Last week I talked about NaNo and reading Styxx, among other things. Since then I have completed Styxx (feeling rather on the fence about it so a review is in the wind), watched The Croods, finished up The Teen’s volleyball season and wished at least four times per hour there be more time in the month of October.

Not for someone intending to participate and conquer NaNo, anyway.

I’ve got 2 kids/3 cats/The Other Adult to handle daily. Plus, the house looks like a disaster and needs a desperate cleaning. Like, bulldozer and backhoe cleaning. Did I mention my Grandmother is turning 89 tomorrow and we’re celebrating on Sunday at my Aunt’s – which is almost 3 hours away? Oh, and finish the outline for Rising.

On Sunday, Cupcake was awesome (as Cupcake is everyday) and told me about the Vikings marathon on History Channel. We. Love. Vikings. This prompted about 30 story ideas to flood my brain and I settled on 1 (for now), which will be researched in December and January while Rising has a nap. I’m having a hard time not diving into it, but NaNo comes first. Then we can play with Viking raiders and Celtic priestesses.

And now its time for The Big Bang Theory – one of Our favorite shows 🙂

Who among my readers is doing NaNo this year, and what are you working on? Are you planning it out or flying by your pants? Share!

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