Missing Days

Lately, the days seem to just float together. And its been a week since my last post. With Timing completely posted, and NaNoWrIMo just 2 weeks away, I could hook you up with more pieces of Cravings.

I could tell you how in my very first year playing Fantasy Football, I’m heading into week 7 with a 6-0 record (#1 in my League, baby). I could tell you I’ve been writing erotica. Really, really good erotica. Smoke a cigarette after reading it erotica. One’s imagination is either their worst enemy or their best friend, and my imagination has been extremely good to me. Football and porn. Good combo, I say.

I’m working on a blog post about the different bloggers I follow, too. It will run the gamut from writers to Dominants/submissives to everyday people *cue song*. This will come out just before NaNo, so it won’t be long.

Rising will be this year’s NaNo project, btw. So far I’ve got the first 6 chapters outlined…More than enough to get underway towards the 50k minimum word goal. The only problem I’m having is getting myself organized and ready. The office looks horrendous, especially with Lil Dude having taken over the desktop computer – I’m hitting the laptop either on the love seat or my bed. Not. Comfy.

And to top it off, I’m not sleeping well. I haven’t had a decent, normal night of sleep in what feels like forever. I’ve tried everything to no avail . It just ain’t happening. Naturally this throws all the other stuff off and I can’t get motivated. One day I will sleep good and I won’t know what to do with myself.

OH! I’ve been reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s new(ish) book Styxx. Currently on page 594/836. Long. Ass. Book. I’ve read every book in the Dark Hunter series to date, and I’ve come to an alarming conclusion: While I enjoy the subject matter and Greek God mythology, the series has become *gulp* predictable. I know, I know! It’s a series, what did I expect? Here’s the thing, though. It’s literally the twin book to Acheron. Many of the same incidents from Acheron are in Styxx but seen through Styxx’s eyes, As a standalone book, Styxx is awesome. It wasn’t until roughly halfway in that we saw a substantial amount of original non-Acheron material, though. Styxx is his own dude! Come on! And as much as I cried and fought tooth-n-nail for Acheron in his book, I think Styxx wins. I’m decidedly Team Styxx. There, I said it. I can almost feel the millions of daggers being shot at me as I type. Actually, I kinda don’t want to finish it. You know I will, though. I have to, if for no other reason than to see Styxx have his happily ever after. He deserves it. Let him get married and have a baby like the other 20-odd Dark-Hunters and Were-Hunters that procreate like bunnies.

On that happy thought, I’m gonna go read. And if anyone is interested Seattle beat Arizona 34-22. Thank you, NFL Network 🙂


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4 Responses to Missing Days

  1. sexualsteel says:

    Hell yeah! I am in 1st in one of my leagues, I’m not undefeated though… Good job!

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