My DayPlanner – aka The Bible – and other books

Time for a confession.

I’m in Love with my DayPlanner. There, I said it.

I’ve always been rather anal when it comes to making sure I have all appointments, kids’ events, etc written in The Bible. My planner is always at my side. It’s my American Express, if you will. Its entries are color coded based on family member, type of activity/event and there is usually an accompanying sticky note in a corresponding color. Oh, yeah. I’m that organized.

Couple that with a few books I just bought from Writer’s Digest and I’ve got a custom course of sorts on how to make a real go of this writing thing. I picked up the 2014 Writer’s Market2014 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market and Writing Fantasy and Science FictionWow! The Writer’s Market books are chock full of great planning, marketing and techie information. They also have lists of trade magazines to fit pretty much anyone, publishing houses, and contests and retreats.

The F&SF book will be invaluable. I jumped ahead to read the section about where the genres currently stand – and it included anecdote-type material – before starting at the beginning (on page 69 right now). Since fantasy is my favorite genre, and the one I plan to write the most, this book will be a huge benefit to me. To anyone wanting to have a go in the fantasy market, really. I strongly suggest it to you if this is the path you want to take.

Finished Coen’s book, Love & the Goddess, btw. 2 stars. It reminded me of Eat Pray Love so much that it felt like a rip off. I was more interested in the traveling part then in the character(s)…A hurt woman traveling the world in search of herself. Gilbert did it right with Eat Pray Love.

Back on track…What books did/do you find helpful to your craft as you started out? What sort of organizational techniques aid you best in keeping on track? I’d love to know.

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