A Little Bit o’Everything

Ass crack of dawn.

In just an hour I need to wake up The Teen and Lil Dude for their First Day of School. I haven’t slept. Mostly for fear I’ll oversleep and Lil Dude hates missing the bus. He’s 11. Who does that? The Teen will start her High School career. What the hell?? When did I get a freshman in high school? And a 6th grader? Ugh!

Weekend before last the kids and I hit the road and went to Vermont for a pretty awesome 4-day weekend. The only thing we actually went for was the Quechee Scottish Festival and Celtic Fair – a one day event featuring Highland games and a ton of clan booths. I was in love. The Teen enjoyed herself. Lil Dude…eh. He didn’t like the fact he couldn’t touch all the swords and whatnot. Only the cabers held his attention for more than 5 mins. The significance of the trip was I wanted time, just me and them. The Dad stayed home. It was our first trip out of state together and Lil Dude’s, period (Canadian Maritime doesn’t count, sorry). Other than the Festival, we kinda just hung out in the suite and ordered pizza. There was a trip to the Weathervane but that doesn’t even merit more than a passing mention.

I’m “still” dealing with stupid-drunk-assery. There will be an ultra short about it in the next week or so and its toooooootally going in the book.

There really isn’t much on at 4:45 am so I’m watching QVC – Celtic merchandise this hour. Saw a freakin’ adorable, yet way too pricey, sweater a few mins ago. I had grabby hands, but can’t afford it.

(Wow, this might read like a stream of consciousness thing)

Lately, I’ve been having trouble with my Inside Voice. You know, the stuff you say to yourself to avoid jail? Yeah…there have been a few instances where I really should’ve just used my Inside Voice. Its having difficulty keeping quiet. The Outside Voice has issues, too. I’m looking forward to the day when, like my 89 year old Gram, I can say whatever the frig I want. Hello, liberation!

Hell, I have issues.

There’s so much I could say, but choose not to. Guess that’s the masochist (that’s a whole other post in itself!) in me. Torturing myself with all this unspoken stuff, waiting for the day I explode and get admitted against my will to a facility where they feed me pills and I make puzzles. I like puzzles. And pudding. I hear the pudding is good.

I’m sure you’ve all heard that Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson have been cast in the Fifty Shades movie…? I’ve never heard of her, and as much as I drool over Hunnam I was hoping Henry Cavhill would’ve gotten the part. No matter who they cast, they’ll be hard pressed to get this an R rating. NC-17 doesn’t do well at the box office. Oh, I know I’ll go. Probably me and a bunch of my girlfriends, since we’ve all read the books (Hi, Andrea – hint hint).

OH! Thursday night I watched Epic with Cupcake. Suuuuuch a cute movie! We generally do movie dates on Saturday so a weeknight date was a wonderful surprise.

Oh, The Dad and Teen are awake already. Lil Dude wanted to be up 20 mins ago but since the bus doesn’t come for another hour and 40 mins what’s the point of getting him up?

I’m having a hard time with this whole high school thing. Truth is, I’m having a hard time with a lot of stuff right now. Not going to air it, but suffice it to say it’s affecting my writing. I did write a poem the other night. When I read it to a friend, he said it sounded like “lesbian poetry.” What the Christ is lesbian poetry? Is that even a thing?

Ok, clearly I need to sleep after everyone leaves LOL!

I hope all of my 41 followers and accidental finders have a fantastical day!

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2 Responses to A Little Bit o’Everything

  1. Of course we’ll go watch the movie together. sorry I am just now catching up with a bunch of blogs i follow. This move may be getting the best of me….

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