The Birth of A Serial Killer by Shaun Kunz

I’m not sure where I should start, to be honest. The beginning is best, I suppose.

This book wasn’t recommended to me, I didn’t go looking for it. I stumbled across The Birth of A Serial Killer by Shaun Kunz on Facebook. See, I happen to be FB friends with Shaun and one of his posts was about pitching a new idea to his publisher. New idea? That meant he already had a book out. In the comments, I found the title of his first book.

I ran to Amazon, looking for it. There was 1 copy left in stock and I snagged it after skimming the description reviews. Why? Mostly because I wanted to help Shaun out. In retrospect, I should’ve read thoroughly. Also, I got the last copy, so I’m not posting the link.

For 2 hours (less than 90 pages and 10 chapters) I read The Birth of A Serial Killer, and the best thing I can say is I’m going to require nothing but toddler programming for the foreseeable future. Holy shit, this book is graphic! I finished reading it 4 hours ago and I’m still all creeped out. Dude cuts to the chase. There’s no fuzzy build up to it. Oh, no.

We start out at a crime scene with police. The tone for the book is totally set here. We’re taken room by room, floor by floor and assaulted by the gore. This is what pisses me off – I can’t find the words to really express how well it was all described. Eyeballs glued to the wall, blood as paint, skulls as a night stand prop, implements of torture in the basement.

Then we are introduced to the family who are kidnapped and..well, really REALLY bad things happen to them. I won’t look at a weight bench or cheese grater the same way again. Ever. And, just when you think one of them will get away…No. Nobody gets away. There’s no happy ending. If there were, the cops would’ve had someone in custody at the beginning, right? Yeah, the cops didn’t get such a lucky break.

I’m kinda torn on how to rate this. It’s written in present tense, which is a nice switch. It’s written very well. It’s descriptive to the point I almost threw up and definitely need my brain squeegeed with Lysol and bleach. I’m not even sure watching Disney movies is going to help this time. It was THAT good. Criminal Minds meets HP Lovecraft is a good indicator.

Thanks for checking out this review. Make sure to stop by late-Sunday morning for Chapter 7 of Timing, too.

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