Confidence and ‘Legally Blonde’

Ok, I admit it. When I watch Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde, I cry at the end. Reese Witherspoon’s character gives these awesome speeches; I can’t help it. Then, of course, they give the character update blurbs just before the credits role.

Confidence can be found in the least likely of people, those we don’t expect. In both movies (for those who haven’t seen them – shame on you) Elle Woods is the “typical California blonde” and surprises the shit out of everyone in the end. In the first, she decides to attend Harvard Law, lands an internship and wins a high-profile court case. And, she gets the guy (played by Luke Wilson). In the second, she moves to Washington in hopes of getting a bill passed against animal testing. She succeeds. And, marries Wilson’s character.


Because she has confidence that she can and will do what she sets out to. Graduate Harvard Law? Done! Take DC by storm? Done! It doesn’t matter the obstacle. Elle Woods will kick ass and look good doing it. She will shock everyone with her strength and perseverance.

More of us should reach for higher goals, no matter the obstacles in front of us. Or when the road is blocked by seemingly insurmountable odds, climb over that shit and keep moving. A way will be found. We just have to look harder, move with more confidence. In time, what we reach for will be in our hands.

You’re probably asking what my point is. Well, quite frankly, my confidence lately sucks. July is a NaNoWriMo Camp month, as some of you know. I’ve got a total of 3200 words towards my goal of 35k. Um, we’re halfway through the month and I’ve got squat. I’m more interested in the 645734563 questions that have come out of my outlining than the story itself. If I wrote consistently, I’d “win” camp. That would be pretty cool, but then I’d feel like shit because the draft wasn’t done. Rising will be well over 80k by the time it’s finished. It’s a vicious cycle. I don’t like it. BUT! But, but, but…guess what?

My inner Elle Woods is rearing her beautiful brunette head and screaming “Write, bitch, write!” Its amazing the ability a romantic comedy can have on a person.

Have confidence, will travel 🙂

Thank you for stopping by today! Now, go make something  happen!



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