More “Michael” Time: 2 Reviews

So, last night I couldn’t sleep. It occurred to me that I haven’t read for awhile and I opened the trusty Kindle, hoping to find some inspiration. Didn’t want anything to knock me out from boredom. No. I was looking for something to pass the time until I got sleepy.

I was successful, and stayed awake for a couple hours afterward, too.

The other day I downloaded Michael Edward’s new story, Lost Within Many, and had snagged Mike Wells’ Lust, Money & Murder: Book I Lust probably 2 weeks prior. Edward is a guaranteed pleaser; I had yet to cut my teeth on Wells. What is it about guys named Michael, or a variation there of? Seriously? Y’all write fantastically. Don’t stop. And, yes, I will post refined versions of the reviews to Amazon and Goodreads over the weekend. If either of you want, permission granted to use them on your personal sites. Just shoot me an email to let me know. Now, for the good part…

Lost Within Many is the only story I’ve read by Michael Edward which was not supernatural in nature. And, its the only non-supernatural story he’s written, so far. It’s damn good. It chronicles the kidnapping of a 15-year old boy and his 11-year old sister by a man with Multiple Personality Disorder. The personalities are extremely well-defined and easy to anticipate once the flow gets going. It doesn’t take long, either. I was completely sucked in from the get-go, eagerly waiting to see how the kids’ imprisonment ended. True to form, Edward lays the story out of time sequence. It totally works, too. Honestly, this would make a damn good film (just in case any film people come across this). Highly recommend. Go buy it.

Lust, Money & Murder: Book I Lust by Mike Wells was awesome. If you haven’t read any of his work, yet, start here. Elaine is a girl from the wrong side of town who loses her father, and works her way through college and FBI training to catch the guy responsible for sending her dad to prison thanks to counterfeit money. And, she falls in love with her boss! Just as things get good, trouble rears its ugly head and puts a damper on things. Cliffhanger, much? Loved the book, except that one tiny thing. Then again, it wouldn’t be a series with a dramatic leave-em-hanging ending, now would it? Also highly recommend. Go buy this one, too.

Side Note: This is my first official post using my new toy. It has Windows 8, and I’m confused as shit about most of it. But, that’s alright. Gonna spend the weekend getting to know it and come Monday, it’s all business.

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