The Good, the Bad, and the Seriously?

Funny thing happened on my way along the Internet Super Highway to register for classes: Seems I forgot about a student loan which needs paying off. Buggers. Big fat hairy buggers. Naturally, it needs paying before anything can happen. I’ve got a plan to take care of this and hopefully get registered for the fall semester. And, of course it all hinges on a single bet, cause that’s how I roll.

Meanwhile, in Writing Land (insert voice-over guy), I’m still kinda up in the air. First round edits are done for Cravings in their various components. Timing is still pissing me off, so we’re not speaking. EQ has my attention for the rest of the month, I think. The outline blows, and the story doesn’t flow right. Not to mention the fact that the characters don’t seem to give a shit about the other people on the island. “Oh, you predicted another earthquake? Please, let’s stay here and not tell anyone they will probably die.” I think I tried too hard to conform to some unwritten suggestion that my leads be selfish and annoying as hell. So, what’s the plan? A complete redo of the outline and start from scratch. Goodbye, 4k words I’ve invested. Hello, plausible scenario.

Anxiety is still running kinda high around here, but I’ve got coping skills to manage. Including a trip to Mom’s this weekend. Eh, okay maybe its not exactly a “coping skill,” and will likely lead to more anxiety. But, it does mean I get off the island for a bit. Shit, I haven’t been past Bangor since October. And, I’m taking Lil Dude with me. Muaaahahhhahhaha! Poor kid…

Oh! One thing I’ve noticed when checking my stats here. “Love Letter to An Alcoholic” seems to be rather popular. This is good! It came out of a very real situation in my life, and was written primarily just so I could get those feelings out. Most of us have someone with a drinking problem in our lives. We love and hate them at the same time. What I’ve experienced isn’t as severe as most, or more than others, but nonetheless loving an alcoholic (or participating in an intimate relationship of some kind) is difficult. “Love Letter” shows the love. There is an alternative in my head, but it’s spiteful and not so loving. One day, I’ll unleash it upon the world. When I do, hold on ’cause it’s gonna be rough.

Hey – fun thing. I went outside today for the 20 minutes it wasn’t foggy. Cleaned off the back deck and moved the adirondack chair up there. Now, I’ll have a place to sit outside to plan and read – when it’s not foggy. Ah, the joys of island life!

Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett seems fitting for today. I’d like to note that I was 4 yrs old when this aired.

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2 Responses to The Good, the Bad, and the Seriously?

  1. Mike Frazier says:

    Don’t know the reason….been here all season…

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