Today is a bit different. I’m giving you one of the “happy” poems from Cravings. And, at the end you’ll find a YouTube link for a song that I think fits perfectly. Please feel free to comment on the poem and the song 🙂

i am Yours
to do with
as You please.

my needs
are just as important
as Yours.

With You
i feel whole
and nurtured.

without You
i am alone,
a withering flower.

In Your eyes
i can do
everything wrong,
or nothing at all.

my body
is Yours
for the rest of my days.

my mind
is still mine,
but consumed with You.

You give me strength
like nobody else
and i know i am wanted.

All the leash proves
is my love for You
is unyielding.

All the marks show
is You love me
more than the world.

You’ve more power
over me than
even i have over myself.

You control me
and i give you
the reins with acceptance.

With blessing.

With a burning need to be Yours.

when You leave,
a part of me dies
and buries itself.

when i leave,
i know i’m
still Yours.

Song: Rev 22:20 by Puscifier (from the Underworld soundtrack)

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