It’s a good writing day when…

…there are no distractions, the coffee and inspiration flows, and I can hit the planned WC for the day without forcing it.

That was the answer I gave a friend who asked the question “What is a good writing day for you?” I launched into what a typical day for me looks like. Poor thing, I think she might’ve been scared.

Now, I’m going to subject all of you to the same treatment. Mwuahahhhahahhahaaa!

Like most people who are attached to their cell phones, the first thing I do is grab mine off the nightstand (or pillow) and run through everything that’s come in overnight, unless I’ve been woken up with a call. (I guess it’s important to note the kids are at school by this point and are probably getting ready to eat lunch.) This dictates the morning once I’ve got coffee in hand. Then its a text to Cupcake, turn on the puter and head trip upstairs, ’cause I technically sleep in the basement.

If all goes well, I get email, FB and Twitter handled then dive into the writing part. Notice I said “if.” On a good day, I can start once the jet fuel has kicked in, for which I might consider setting up an IV drip. Without the various distractions, I can bang out a couple thousand words in no time. On those less productive days it could take the entire day to hit 1500. I don’t like those days. But on a good day? Oh, yeah. I’m all over it.

Right now I’ve got Cravings and 2 outlines in the works, plus EQ. I work on whatever my mood tells me to. Uh, a lot of times I feel a bit schizo and shit just blends together. This is almost a daily occurrence. It’s cool. I roll with it, and 9 times out of 10 it’s way better than what I had originally planned.

Then the kids come home. From 2:30-7:30ish is dinner, homework and all the other Mom stuff. Sometimes, I sneak down and get my write on while something bakes or simmers. On weekends, its a bit different. I write by hand or plan out the week while Lil Dude or the Teen uses the puter. I’ll prop myself on the loveseat, surrounded by index cards and highlighters.

By 8, I’m back at it, and I find that writing at night is more productive because I’ve had the day to influence me. Sometimes this is good, sometimes not so good. There are a few tv shows I am absolutely addicted to and will write during commercials. This has backfired on me more than once. Thank you, Creativity!

I try to be in bed by 11, and I’m usually successful unless there’s drama. Once I get in, the Kindle is my buddy. I’ll read til 1- or 2am and make notes for its review.

You know, putting my routine down like this has made me realize a few things. I sleep too late, go to bed too late, don’t eat enough and don’t leave the house as often as I probably should. But, hey. It’s not a good writing day if I’m wearing “people clothes” instead of jammies (purple/green plaid bottoms, paired with a Theory of a Deadman hoodie, atm).

Until Friday, keep the coffee and creativity flowing!


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