Change of Plans

Last week I said something about giving you a peek at the pre and post-edit scene tonight. Let’s just say editing is not going very well. In fact, I will barely make the EdMo goal of 50 hours. This weekend is gonna be slightly crazy so edit time will be quick and painful bursts. My daughter turned 15 yesterday and tomorrow is her gathering. Mix in a cake, errands and potential boy drama…Happy Saturday to me! Oh, and I’m pet/house sitting for friends until Sunday afternoon.

So, I thought I’d run my plan for April past my Awesome Eleven – those of you who officially get notified when I write – and see how mine will stack up with yours. You ready? Let’s go!

First, Timing is driving me nuts and I really want to change the title. My Darkest Days has a song out called “Every Lie” and it is totally fitting. Then there’s the matter of PoV and perspective, and what does the story actually do besides take up space on a flash drive? This is the Final Round question. I’ll finish the edit Sunday night and do a read through on Monday, something I still haven’t done. You know, just for fun. Then it will sit on the flash drive until May or June.

Second, the earthquake story, EQ, hasn’t been touched since the end of February. A little over four weeks has passed since I so much as looked at the outline. Time to change that, starting Monday. It needs to be shortened and quicker to the chase than its playing out right now. We need the quake to hit sooner, and people need to die. I’m sorry, but it’s true. This is also the story I want to submit to Writer’s Digest in May. Tick Tick Tick…

Third, I’m learning that I’m not very good at the whole Chick Lit genre. Sure, I can talk about divorce and co-parenting but it tends to get stale unless there’s this fantastical new twist. My own situation is twisty enough without creating an imaginary one, and I don’t think I could dishonor my kids’ dad like that. Which leads me to Number 4 on the list…

drum roll

I’ve decided to write a collection of ultra-short stories and non-rhyming poems. They are emotion-based, but I promise it isn’t “Woe is me!” pity party stuff. These are more dark and primal than the “typical” gush-fest. It started as a journal (of sorts) and since I seem to be identifying so closely with the psychological writings, I figure Why Not? Working title ATP is “Cravings.” Currently, this all sits unpublished on Wattpad (they finally took me in). I’ve been adding to it little bits at a time, couple lines here and there, and by the end of May it will be complete. Thinking 12 pieces in all. “Cravings” could potentially be my first published work. Bonus: I’m sleeping better.

Also, I’d be remiss if I did not mention – at least in passing – the Amazon/Goodreads merger. When this goes into affect, if purchases are auto loaded onto Goodreads, I’m going to have to disconnect GR from FB. After I read the article my first thought was “Oh, shit…my erotica collection.” I’m not kidding.

And with that I bid you all a great weekend! Feel free to comment and share your thoughts/plans 🙂


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