Little Taste of EQ

This is a lil bit of the earthquake story I mentioned awhile back. It’s been rolling around in the noggin, but finally started working on it this week. The following is 4 pages in…Enjoy 🙂

“You gonna tell me what happened, or do I need to wait so you can tell us all together,” Ryan asked after they got in the truck and began the drive up Black Duck. When Abel didn’t reply, Ryan glanced at him.

Abel was staring out the window. After a moment, he took a deep breath. “Maggie was dreaming when the quake hit.” He heard Ryan sigh. “After that, she checked on the house and,” he looked at Ryan, “went outside to see and hear all the car alarms.”


“Yeah, ‘oh’.” Abel turned to look out the truck window, watching the trees go by. “Then,” he took another breath, “she went to the attic, did her thing and here we are.” He glanced at Ryan and added, “This isn’t a coincidence.”

Ryan, pulled over as close as he could to the side of the dirt road without putting the truck in the ditch. After putting it in park, he turned in his seat to face Abel. “How much is it not a coincidence,” he asked cautiously.

Abel rubbed his hands together and said quietly, “She didn’t tell me everything, but we both know she isn’t wrong. She’s never been wrong.” He placed his hands in the pockets of his coat and finally looked Ryan in the eye. “I think we need to act fast and prep best we can for whatever’s coming.”

Shifting in his seat, Ryan put the truck in drive and gave his head a shake. “Alright, brotha. I trust you and Maggie.” He pulled onto the road started up the hill. “We’re gonna have to tell the boys, though, so they can start prepping, too.” Ryan watched Abel out of the corner of his eye. “If not for us, then for the kids.”

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